Desford Good Neighbour Scheme

Tel: 0744 3640 611

Serving the communities of the Desford Parish... Botcheston, Desford & Newtown Unthank

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The Desford Good Neighbour Scheme aims to provide short term help for the residents of  Botcheston, Desford and Newtown Unthank

(in the parish of Desford) to include tasks such as transport, shopping, befriending and household assistance through the help of local volunteers. The Scheme shall also endeavour to encourage self help, friendship and neighbourliness within the local community. The Desford Good Neighbour Scheme is for everyone regardless of age, so if you are in need of help please get in touch.

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LATEST NEWS: Desford Good Neighbours recently held their annual election for members of the committee and are still looking for someone to fill the role of Hon. Secretary. Please contact the scheme mobile for more information. The AGM on 14, January 2020 was a real success and was followed by a buffet and quiz to thank our volunteers.  The buffet was kindly provided by Midlands Co-op.

 Your Neighbours Need You!


Desford Good Neighbour Scheme is looking for new volunteer drivers to help us to fulfil the many requests we receive on a weekly basis from our service users, for car lifts to various appointments and activities.


To become a volunteer driver you will need: a valid drivers license*, complete our volunteer training (which includes completing a DBS check) and be willing to offer some of your time to help.


For more information please contact our coordinators on 0744 3640 611

*you will need to inform and  make changes to your car insurance to include volunteer use.


Desford GNS

Desford Good Neighbour Scheme has been providing support to the residents of Botcheston, Desford and Newtown Unthank since 2014, we are proud to help members of our local community and have currently received requests for:

1900 tasks

*updated for requests receieved between the DGNS start date to December 2019