Desford Good Neighbour Scheme

Tel: 0744 3640 611

Serving the communities of the Desford Parish... Botcheston, Desford & Newtown Unthank

Circle of Friends Circle of Friends


1.  a body of fundamental principles or established precendents according to which a state or organisation is acknolwedged to be governed by.


2.  a written record of this.

The Desford Good Neighbour Scheme Constitution

help. friendship. neighbourliness.

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The organisation shall be Desford Good Neighbour Scheme (“the Scheme”).


Aims and Ambitions    


1. The purpose of the Scheme shall be to provide short term help for the residents of  Botcheston, Desford and Newtown Unthank (in the parish of Desford) to include tasks such as transport, shopping, befriending and household assistance through the help of local volunteers. The Scheme shall also endeavour to encourage self help, friendship and neighbourliness within the local community.


2. The Scheme shall ensure that wherever possible , projects are carried out in line with the wishes of the communities involved.


Membership and Officers


1.  Membership of the Scheme shall be open to anyone resident in the parish of Desford.


2. A Management Group shall be formed to ensure that all Legal, Financial and Operational responsibilities of the Scheme are met.


3. The Principal Officers (Chair. Treasurer, Secretary and Vice-Chair) shall be unrelated and elected annually, from the Management Group, from the commencement of the Scheme. The Principal Officers shall also act as signatories in respect of any bank mandate requirements.  


4. Duties and responsibilities for each Principal Officer shall be defined, agreed and documented. Such documented duties will form appendices to the Constitution.


5. A quorum shall be constituted by two-thirds of the Management Group, including at least one Principal Officer.




1. Meetings shall be held on a regular basis. There will be an Annual General Meeting, well advertised in advance, and open to the whole community.


2. Only members of the Management Group shall be entitled to vote on specific resolutions at meetings and a quorum shall be necessary for any such resolution to be accepted. The Chair of the meeting shall have a casting vote.


3. Minutes will be taken at all meetings, circulated to the Management Group, and made available to Scheme members and the wider community on request.  


Changes to the Constitution


Proposed changes to the Constitution should be submitted to the Management Group for consideration. Such proposals should be supported  by 4 unrelated Scheme members.

Appropriate proposals shall be considered at a Special General Meeting at which a quorum of the Management Group is present.




The Treasurer shall:

1. Open a bank account in the name of the Scheme with 4 unrelated signatories.


2. Maintain accurate records of transactions and provide such records for annual examination by an accountant, making special records for funding secured.


3. Make financial accounts available to the community in public places on an annual basis.




1. The Scheme shall be dissolved on application by a minimum of 4 unrelated members of the community and with the agreement of a formal two-thirds majority of the Management Group.


2. The Management Group may consider it appropriate to take any such proposal for dissolution to a Special General Meeting, open to the whole community. A two-thirds majority of any such would be required to trigger dissolution.


3. On dissolution any surplus monies shall be returned to the funders from whom they originated. With funder agreement, or if they cannot be identified, such monies may be used for charitable work within the community.


It is certified that this initial Constitution was agreed at a meeting of the original Steering Group Volunteers on 6 August 2013.