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Dear Volunteer,


Thank you very much for offering to volunteer for the Desford Good Neighbour Scheme. The steering committee is confident that by pulling together we will be able to make a real difference to the quality of life in our parish.


We are pleased to supply you with this Volunteer Induction Information.                      


Please read through it carefully and then keep it for future reference.


Kind regards,





Helping You to Help Your Community


Why Volunteer?


Volunteering is a highly rewarding activity because it:


- Benefits the individual volunteer

- Benefits the scheme user

- Benefits wider society as public culture becomes increasingly socially responsible and caring.


As a volunteer you may often need to go unaccompanied into a scheme user's house or take them in your car.  These volunteer guidelines have been written to encourage safe and enjoyable volunteering but are not intended to be a comprehensive list of dos and don'ts.


Once you have read through the guidelines you should keep them for further reference.  If you experience any problems as a volunteer, you should contact your scheme leaders or telephone co-ordinator.  


Remember - it is very unlikely that you will encounter any serious problems while volunteering but it is

common sense to be alert to any hazards or potential risks that could cause harm.


Please find attached a complete copy of the Volunteer Induction Information you which you received at your induction session. Below are a few key points to think about and refer to when fulfilling a job for a scheme user with more detailed reference points to be found in the complete online Induction Booklet (link below in red).


Key Volunteer Guidelines: 

  • Why volunteer?

  • Working with people and home visits

  • Driving and giving lifts

  • Working outside and doing odd jobs

  • Beware of accidents

  • DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) checks (formerly CRB checks)

  • Confidentiality

  • Safeguarding

  • Insurance and Liability

  • Risk Assessments


Please find attached a complete copy of the Volunteer Induction Information


Volunteer Documents

Please find below links to the relevant documents you may need:


DGNS Activity Record Form 


DGNS Cash Receipt Form


DGNS Driver Registration Form


Due to many of our volunteers asking for an up to date map showing the road names within Desford, please find attached a link to a basic map showing these road names (please be aware this does not show Kingfisher Close - this is off Peckleton Lane to the south of the village).


Map of Desford Village - including Road names

*Please note you will need Adobe PDF Reader to view this.


*Please note this is a screenshot. Click on the map or the link above to download in full.




The Desford Good Neighbour Scheme Committee.

Map of Desford